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Bassem A.Awad                                                                     

Using simple words, I don’t want to complicate things out therefore it will take me more time thinking about what I want to write instead of actually writing. I finished my studies as a Computer Communication Engineer (LAU graduate 2006) and since then I have been working in the IT field as a system engineer, implementing, designing and maintaining different Windows based servers. I also have built a moderate experience in the wireless systems needed for the high data rate applications and I must admit that I still have the passion to work on projects that require such wireless performance and strive to reach the required bandwidth. I have earned over the years a number of certifications

I am also a member of the Experts Exchange famous IT website with an overall master certificate till now.

Moreover; I am CCNA certified since 2007 and Microsoft Certified Engineer since 2011.


The real aim behind creating my first blog is to reflect some of my thoughts and what I have been through my life experience until now, Needless to mention that I would love to share with you my humble experience in the IT field. The blog is for the public and friends for sure, and I will be more than happy to hear your comments and Ipromise that it will always have new ideas and categories where I feel that I have something that I would love to share with you.


  1. God bless you man, badon 100 sine el 3alam la ysiro metlak hehehehe seferrrrrrrr

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