Xendesktop 7.6 and SVMM 2012 R2

When i was working on the deployment of the latest Xendesktop version “7.6” and configuring it to work with system center virtual machine manager 2012 R2 i have faced some technical difficulties which i managed to solve them then decided to post them here in case somebody might encounter the same situations.


– The first problem i encounter was when i was trying to create machine catalogs for my xendesktop users and that happened precisely when SVMM was trying to create the new machine images. The error was related to the network adapter and virtual switches of the master image, i was able to overcome this error by disconnecting the Network adapter of the master image while creating the machines catalog. That said; when the machine catalog process finished successfully and the virtual images was created here comes the time to encounter another major problem and that was after finishing the delivery group wizard. The problem was that the virtual machines show the status of “unregistered” in the Citrix storefront console. To solve this issue i opened the SVMM console and under hardware config then network adapter i disconnect the adapter and then reconnect it by assigning the required network adapter to it to be able to solve the issue and change the machine status to registered under the storefront console.


– The second major problem happened when i was trying to publish the xendesktop on the Netscaler VPX virtual appliance. everything went smooth going through all stages but neither my published apps nor desktops was working and i was getting the following error ” can not complete your request” . Going through many pages on the net to find the cause of the error i was not lucky enough to find the real solution for this error. When i was able to solve the error i decide that i should definitely share it on the web so that it might help someone in same situation. The cause behind the error was in the netscaler gateway url call back and you can find it in the storefront console under Netscaler settings. when i change the call back url or remove it  the error disappeared and the problem solved.




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