OpenVPN User with Administrator Privilages



Its been a while since i installed and configured the openvpn server and successfully connected through VPN client creating real VPN tunnel. Out of no where i start encountering strange behavior which prevented the vpn client from reestablishing the connection with the server. What i did first is trying to access the server with the /admin address but all what i got is password is not correct then a lockout for a certain period of time. the steps taken to correct the issue was as below.


1- I tried to change the administrator password using the following command: passwd “administrator username”, it completed successfully but when i tried to logon using this user i got the following  ‘you don’t have administrator permission to view this page’.

2- Then some sites suggested using the /usr/local/openvpn_as/bin/ovpn-init command, but that was not possible because this might solve the problem by causing one that is even bigger because you will have to reconfigure the server from scratch.

3- The solution was to use the following command

./sacli --user <USER> --key prop_superuser --value true UserPropPut

replace the USER with the username you want to grant it administrative privileges.

the ./sacli command you can reach it on the following directory


after executing this command i was able to enter using the same username used before with administrative privileges.

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