ICam Concept

iCam Concept: How iPhone 5 Could Kill The Digital Camera For Good!

Posted: 12 Dec 2011 07:24 PM PST

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the iPhone is a decent tool for photographers – dual cameras, amazing picture quality and good video recording capabilities. However, it’s no match for a high-end digital camera in many ways. In the past, we’ve covered several third-party accessories (Go Pano Micro, Lens Filter Kit, Photojojo SLR mount etc.) that can improve the photography experience on your iPhone. However, by my own honest admission, the iCam concept belongs to a different league.

Published by ADR Studio, the iCam concept is rumored to be present in the iPhone 5 (yes, iPhone 5). Simply put, the iCam is case which can snap on to an iPhone 5 to turn it into a high-end DSLR. It includes interchangeable lenses, a huge image sensor, hardware controls, a preset wheel and it would use the iPhone 5 as an image processor.


As evident in the above pics, the iCam case could be snapped to the iPhone device, making it look like a high-end digital camera. In terms of physical appearance, I have to say that the  all-aluminum chassis looks gorgeous. The concept proposes that when the iPhone 5 is docked, it will launch an app that controls the iCam, and provides information and touch screen buttons to help control the next exposure. The images you shoot will be stored directly on the iPhone camera roll thereby making it convenient for instantaneous sharing.

Steve Jobs always said he wanted to revolutionize technology and the iCam concept definitely looks to be a step in the right direction. Of course, financial viability of iCam can be a major deterrent as it evolves from a concept to a production ready accessory. None the less, there’s no denial that iCam has the potential to revolutionize the digital camera market. The major limitation – owning an iPhone 5 would be a prerequisite and that’s not an ideal scenario for everybody.

What do you think about iCam? If Apple makes uses this concept in iPhone 5, will you buy it? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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