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ISA Server Internal Records Resolving DNS Server

Was working on making my ISA server resolves internal DNS records for VPN clients and after successfully configured the issue i decided to share it with you.


I am not going to pass through he configuration of the VPN client in ISA server but i will only display a pic for where we have to configure our VPN client to use our ISA server as their DNS for resolving internal host names.




Now after making the above configuration what we have to do is to configure our ISA server as a secondery ” forward  and reverse lookup” zone to one of our primary DNS zone servers. After accomplishing so you have to make sure the forward and reverse lookup zone are successfully transferred from the primary DNS server.


Now you have to make VPN connection and make sure the DNS server your using is your ISA server by opening your command prompt and apply the nslookup command.


Now you might encounter a problem while you try to ping one of your internal computer name which is that the ISP DNS is going to reply instead of  your ISA DNS server. The solution for such problem was pretty simple and taken from the following link

once applied the registery thing my pc was able to resolve all internal names using the ISA DNS server and was able to access all my internal hostnames through VPN connection.