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Samsung Galaxy S2 GTI-I9100G Only Arabizer

Great Link to enable your S2 GTI-I9100G Device to read and write arabic is under the following link.

Mine Done the update without loosing anything but do always backup your device in case of any sudden problem.

Outlook Contacts Duplication Remover

While I was trying to Sync the contacts between my Galaxy S2 Android Phone and outlook using Kies, i noticed that duplicate items have been created both on my phone as well as on the outlook itself. Well Simple solution for that was as following:

1- Download and install the ODIR free software on the following link and follow the installation instructions

2- After successfully installing the software you will end up with a new tab on your outlook that is marked as “ODIR” open it and start searching for duplications in spcefied folder

3- After finishing the search the ODIR will move the duplications to a new folder called ODIR Duplicate Contacts

4- At this point you will have to re-open and connect your phone to the kies again and choose to sync the contacts from the contacts folder excluding off course the “ODIR Duplicate Items” Folder then you will end up have having only one copy of your contacts on your phone.