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Mac OS X Disk Verification Error

You might encounter an error trying to partition the Mac machine hard disk using boot camp in order to install an alternate windows operating system on the Mac, the error might say there is a disk verification error and to be able to repair it you have to restart using the original Mac OS CD or USB stick which is customized to boot from  Mac OS.

Well that being said i would like to mention that this is not your only option to repair your disk rather you can download on your Mac the applejack wonderful and easy to use software following this link and then follow the developers instructions to boot into Single User Mode (SUM) and repair your disk by typing applejack at the terminal and then choosing your option. following this restart your Mac and voila you will be able to partition your disk now with zero problems.

PC Desktop on iPad

Yes this is true ; you can now access Windows 7 desktop along with Microsoft Office applications with a free 2GB cloud storage directely from your iPad device (1 and 2). to read more about this subject  please visit the following link