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New Mikrotik NetMetal Wirelss Bridge Link

New Mikrotik Point to Point Link Bridge established today with a distance of 30 KM, the equipments used was the 5 GHz “AC” Netmetal Mikrotik device along with the  30 dbi mANT30 PA “Precision Alignment Mount” Mikrotik Dish Antenna the Results can be seen in the Pics Below.



          IMG_20160423_100946        IMG_20160423_100932    IMG_20160429_215438

Mikrotik QOS “IP Firewall Mangle” and “Queues”

When i was trying to configure one of my Wireless Links using Mikrotik 411 AH Router board to function as firewall mangling which prioritize voice packets on other packets, i have noticed that the function was not working at all hence the packets and connections need to be marked is not recognized by the router interface. well my configuration or my case includes the router board which has one Ethernet port and a wireless card and it was configured to work in bridge mode. The issue was cleared when i enabled the IP firewall settings located under the bridge tab then settings. After enabling it the IP mangle starts to work and the packets as well as the connections start to show up with the correct specified markings.

Mikrotik OS 5.0 and above WMM support bug

 During the update process for my RB 411 router boards to the latest stable 5.7 OS I noticed that if the update was successful and the WMM support is enabled on the board it will cause unknown traffic with high data rate (1-3 MB/s) that could lead to a tremendous degrading in the router board performance that would affects the performance of the applications your running.

MikroTik UDP Port 5678

I have been struggling since two days with unknown traffic sent and received through some of my MikroTik bridges WAN, this traffic causes the link to break down with a bottleneck bandwidth of around 5 Mbits/s. After doing some researches it turns out that the cause of the traffic was because of the neighborhood discovery option equiped with the MikroTik OS, disabling the option on the wlan port solved my problem. I have also noticed something weired causes the traffic on the wireless interface of the board, i was using the F50 ubiquiti famous wireless card and i noticed once i enabled the WMM support the traffic was present and again disabling this feature solved the problem.