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Jobs Queued Under Backup Exec 2010

It has been observed that after applying Hotfixes 354913 in Backup Exec 2010 or Hotfix 142707 in Backup Exec 12.5, the Backup Exec Media Server may become “paused”, and some Utility Jobs (Lock, Unlock, Inventory, Catalog) may become queued, as well as Backup Jobs.

This will affect the correct functioning of installed devices such as a Tape Drive or a Robotic Library.

Well That being said, all you need to do is either update your Symantec Backup Server or uninstall hotfixes.

Backup of Exchange 2007 and 2010 Using Symantec BackupExec

Prerequisites to make successful Exchange Granual update are as following:


1  : Member of the Domain Admin group and Local Admin Group if Exchange is a member server

2  : Create a Mailbox for Symantec, send a test email and oprn it in OWA to activate the Mailbox.

3  : Make sure that the Mailbox is not hidden from the Global Address List, and make sure there is not any other account with the      same username and if it exists make sure to hide it from global address list.

4  : Add the account “symantec” as Exchange organization Administrator in Exchange Management Console.

Back up Exec Job Queued Problem

When you try to run any kind of jobs on the Backup exec you got stuck in the queued state forever, tried everything possible and still didn’t get the solution I would suggest to try pausing and un-pausing your hosting server under devices and try the job again.

Backup Exec NDMP port causes remote agent to fail

While i was installing symantec backup exec 2010 on one of windows server 2008 R2 Hyper-V server i noticed that the remote agent failed to start causing dependent services to fail also, doing some researches i discovered that remote agent services uses by default port 10000 and if it happens that another service is using the same port this will cause the failure of the remote agent service.


you either have to change the port number of the program already using it or change the port of the bakcup exec remote agent. To change the port of the remote agent open notepad with administrator privilages and then open the file located under the following path”c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\services” at the bottom of the page add the folowing

ndmp           anyotherport except10000\tcp   

make sure to press enter to go to a new line before saving the notepad.

try now to start the remote agent service it should start succesfully.

Backup Exec Services do not start after changing the NetBIOS computer name


This post is available in Symantec troubleshooting guide but i thought it would be nice to re-post it here.

When the NetBIOS name of the media server with Central Admin Server Option installed is renamed, the Symantec Backup Exec ™ services may fail to start. 

To resolve the issue, perform the following:

1. Close Symantec Backup Exec console ™

2. Go to the <Drive Name>:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\ directory (default location), and double-click BEUtility.exe to run it

3. Expand Known Media Servers, right-click All Media Servers, select New Media Server, enter the name of the CASO server, and click OK

4. In the right pane, Right click on  Backup Exec media server, and then click on Update Configuration for New Media Server Name as shown in left pane

 5. Change the name of the media server

 On the Managed Media Server (MMS), perform the following:

1. Go to the <Drive Name>:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec directory (default location), and double-click BEUtility.exe to run it.

2. Expand Known Media Servers, right-click All Media Servers, select New Media Server, enter the name of the Managed Media Server server, and click OK

3. In the right pane, Right click on  Backup Exec media server, and then select  Set Central Administration Server option as shown in the left pane

4. Type the new name of the Central Administration Server

 Backup Exec services should start after completing the above steps.